The workshop (Determining formulas for new financial products and services)

The workshop (Determining formulas for new financial products and services) was held in the Yemen Microfinance Network on Wednesday, May 29. At the beginning of the workshop, a presentation was made from the Yemen Microfinance Network, presented by Mr/ Hani Al-Faqih, Deputy Executive Director of the Yemen Network, and a welcoming speech from Mr/ Ibrahim Al-Sukhaimi, Executive Director of the Network. The Yemen Network, represented by its Executive Director, stressed the importance of developing financial products and services at this important stage in the history of the microfinance sector in Yemen.
Over 22 participants from most banks and financial institutions participated in this workshop. The workshop agenda included a review of the most commonly practiced sales formulas in the Yemeni banking sector. Mr/ Anwar Mahyoub facilitated the workshop, which came out with a number of important recommendations in preparation for the Yemen Network to prepare and develop a procedures guide. For a number of financial formulas and products in the microfinance sector during the year 2024

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