Discussion Sessions of the Digital Transformation Plan

YMN organized from mid to end of March, three discussion sessions on the digital transformation of MFIs. The first session discussed the reasons for the MFIs ’orientation towards digitization and exploring the appropriate concept of digital transformation for Yemen. The session also discussed the priorities and the needs of the YMN’s members to start implementing the digitization and transformation plans.
The first session resulted in several important and recommendations that had a great impact on determining the objectives of the second session. The second session that was held online through ZOOM, was devoted to discuss digital transformation plans and the potential for cooperation between YMN members and donors. It also discussed the implementation plan of the first session’s recommendations in addition to the report of the consulting company for digital transformation in the microfinance sector in Yemen.
The third session was devoted to discussing human capital and its relationship to digitization and digital transformation. During the third session, the YMN launched the e-learning platform (Microfinance Academy).

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