Fawziah Sewing Project

Yemen is a low income country and many face challenges to keep up with living costs. This challenge became much more difficult to overcome with the current crisis which made it even worse to keep up with living expenses for many people especially those who lost their small or micro business they worked with to generate little income to face the increasing living expenses. One of the most devastated segments are the Microfinance clients.

However, the consistency and determination to survive allowed some people to overcome this challenge and were able to maintain a steady level of income. An example of this case is Fawziah Othmani.

“I now have my own business that brought me hope and dignity”

Fawziah was able to reestablish her business after receiving a small loan . She is a housewife and a mother of two children and she provides through her business income for 11 members of her family. Fawziah benefited from the loan she received to finance her handicrafts business which involves tailoring and embroidery of different items and producing incense.

Her business expanded and she was able to create jobs for her family members who work on marketing her products through different stores and sales points. Also she reached other locations in other cities such as Ibb, Mareb, Rada’a and Albaydha.

She is hoping to expand more and open her own store.

Fawziah is great example for the meaning of struggle and determination to have a good life for herself and her family. We hope she continues to succeed in her business and reach her goals.


“War Affected Microfinance Compensation Project”.

Yemen Microfinance Network .

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