Human Resource In MFIs

September 25, 2017

Financial and Administrative Reports

November 1, 2017

Excellence in Customer Protection

YMN concluded the first training program conducted in October 2017 from 8th to 10th entitled “Excellence in Customer Protection.

The goal of this program was to empower the trainees form MFIs with the customer protection skills. The trainer Mr. Raied Al-Saqqaf sought to make the trainees able to prepare and develop a plan to protect customers and provide trainees with skills that increase the customer’s satisfaction.

At the end, the 15 trainees from different MFIs from the governorates of Aden, Abyan and Sana’a expressed the extent to which they have benefited from this program. They also ensured that they will try the best to reflect the skills and information they acquired in working field.

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