Board of Directors

Mr. Hamid M. Al-Amrani                        Chairman

Hamid holds a Master in accounting and Finance. He is one of the microfinance pioneers in Yemen as he was Azal Microfinance Program manager from 2002 to 2008.

Currently Mr. Al-Amrani is the secretary-general of Azal University for Human Development, and a member of the Board Directors for Nama Microfinance Foundation. He assumed several administrative positions including Deputy of Financial Manager in the University of Science and Technology and director of Safa Company for trade and investment.

Among his qualifications Mr. Hamid obtained several trainings related to microfinance such as financial analysis for MFIs, marketing skills to serve MF, operational risks in MFI management and product MF development. Mr. Hamid participated in several international workshops and conferences.

Mr. Hamid provided many trainings such as delinquency management and interest rate setting by CGAP tool, management and strategic planning, small and microfinance industry and skills loan officers.

He was elected as Chairman of the board of YMN on the 25th of May 2016.

 Mr.Tawwfik Dabwan                 vice Chairman

Tawfik Dabwan earned his bachelor degree in accounting from Sana’a University in 2005. He began his work at the National Microfinance Foundation as an accountant then acting CFO.  For 7 years Tawfik was the Head Of Internal Audit at the National Microfinance Foundation.

Since 2015 Tawfik is the acting Managing Director of National Microfinance Foundation.

He was elected as YMN Vice Chairman on the May 2017

Mr. Refat Al-Mammari                   Board Member


Refat holds a bachelor degree in Accounting from the faculty of Commerce Sana’a university.

He gained his experience in Microfinance and banking sector through various positions since the year 2008. He began working at Al-Amal Bank as branch manager then moved to be head of operations at Ibdaa Bank in Sierra Leone in 2010. He held the position of corporate funding in Saba Islamic bank followed by Deputy CEO and head of Operations at Tadhamon Microfinance.

Mr.Refat became deputy CEO and acting CEO in January 2016. His training and experience include financial Analysis.

He was elected to the Board of YMN on the 25th of May 2016.

Ms. Najwa Fadhel      Board Member


Najwa Fadhel is the managing Director  of  Aden Mf and has previously worked as the operations Manager for 4 different Branches of AMF.

Najwa owned her Bachelor degree in Accounting and received  several Training programs in MF , Risk management ,  social  performance Management and Human Resources.

She is a trainer in financial product development, client.Najwa has over 10 years experience in Microfinance and 3 years  working experience in civil society organizations. Najwa was the Vice chairman of YMN from 2012 to 2016, and was reelected as a board member in 2017.

Mr. Abubakr A. Al-Saqaf                     Board Member

Abubakar is the executive director of Al-Rayan Financing Program in Hadramout City. He is also the chairman of youth committee in Al-Nahdah Social Association and previously worked in administrative section in Hadramout Microfinance Program. He worked as the chairman of Spectrum Youth Forum for Hadramout and Sayoun.
Mr. Abubakar earned a Diploma in Business Administration and received many local and international trainings related to administrative aspects and in microfinance. Mr. Al-Saqqaf participated in several international conferences such as the Conference of Arab youth, the Arab Reform Conference – Egypt 2009, the family and the Arab media Conference – Doha 2010, Children and Youth Conference – Beirut 2010 and the conference of the Arab Thought – Beirut 2010 and Dubai 2012 and other conferences.
Mr. Al-Saqqaf is a trainer in several of training courses such as small and smaller projects, Community Media and Girls’ Education in Wadi Hadramout.

He was elected to the board of YMN on the 25th of May 2016.