Yemen Microfinance Network Reviews the 2018 Training Plan

April 23, 2018

Delinquency Management

May 5, 2018

Credit Evaluation in MSE

As part of its annual training calendar YMN organized a training on Credit Evaluation in MSE from Monday, April 24, 2018. Through this course, YMN seeks to provide the participants of the microfinance sector theoretical and the practical aspects of how to prepare credit evaluation and credit analysis for projects and microfinance clients, in order to make the appropriate decisions.

The training material provided by Khalid Al-Masani , Deputy CEO of Tadhmon MF Unit who combines practical experience and training skills . Participants from different governorates benefited from sessions focused on concepts of credit analysis and its methodologies, an explanation of the types of financial statements and their importance, and many other aspects, which contributes to the main objectives of the session.

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