YMN visits Tanmiyah – The Jordanian Microfinance Network

Yemen participates in SANABEL Conference 2018

November 9, 2018

Credit Evaluation in MSE – Aden

November 20, 2018

YMN visits Tanmiyah – The Jordanian Microfinance Network

As part of its meetings and visits following the participation in the Sanabel conference, YMN conducted a visit to the Jordanian Microfinance Network – Tanmiyah.

During the meeting key issues related to the activities implemented by the network such as the challenges and obstacles facing the work of the networks. The exchange of experience and the areas of work between the two networks with the overall goals and objective aimed at serving the MF sector and how to advocate the MF sector as a tool for financial and economic empowerment and the social impact of MF.

Moreover, the meeting provided insight for both networks in relation to the research and information exchange and how to assist the organizational development of MFIs working the sector.

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