YMN implements Cluster Microfinance Training funded by PRAGMA

November 7, 2018

YMN visits Tanmiyah – The Jordanian Microfinance Network

November 11, 2018

Yemen participates in SANABEL Conference 2018

YMN together with several member MFIs participated in SANABEL’s 2018 Conference that was held this year in the Jordanian capital Amman. the conference was held for two days under the title “From Sustainable to Responsible Finance” with several panel discussions and workshops.

Moreover, and as part of its participation in the SANABEL conference YMN  participated in the panel discussion for the “Responsible Finance During Turbulent Times: Stories of resilience and innovation from the field” where the  Managing Director of YMN provided insight on the work being done by YMN during the current crisis in YMN and how the network was able to face the challenges and obstacles facing the sector in Yemen given the current circumstances.

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