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YMN General Assembly Meeting

March 28, 2017
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Memo Writing Course

April 20, 2017

Strategic Planning Training


On Wednesday, April 12, 2017, Yemen Microfinance Network concluded the 4 day training course entitled “Strategic Planning“. The training was attended by a number of participants from member MFIs from Aden, Abyan and Sana’a.

This course is considered as one of the specialized courses offered by the YMN. It was presented by the master trainer Dr. Adnan Al-Sada, who is one of the pioneers in providing modern training programs, the great coach of Business Edge and the founder and manager director of Capital for Consulting and Training. The course included an integrated system of materials and activities focused on development of strategic plans.

In the conclusion, the participants expressed the great benefit they received from this course and the need for such concepts in the strategic planning. They also stressed that these concepts will be practiced in their work.

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