(VOLIP) Vocational Literacy Program

Program Name:

(VOLIP) Vocational Literacy Program


Social Fund for Development (SFD).


Yemen Microfinance Network (YMN)

Time Period: 

Sep 2014 – January 2015.


Sana’a, Hadhramout, Lahj and Hodiedah.


8,000 beneficiaries.


To conduct a research targeting 12,000 people as the overall sample for selecting 8,000 people with the following details:
-4000 working women between age 31–50.
-4000 unemployed youth between age 16–30 (2400 female and 1600 male).

The 8000 people will be trained and qualified in the small and micro enterprises to enable them to make their own business.

The primary Objectives:

1. Enhancing access to non-public school education.
2. Offering vocational training for the youth at the targeted areas.
3. Facilitating training for working mothers.
4. Granting microfinance to targeted groups.
5. Capacity building of VOLIP beneficiaries.



The Overall Goal: 

To contribute to the alleviation of poverty in rural areas of the four governorates.