Preparation of Effective Training Specialists


YMN Conducted a training Course in Consumer Protection Guidelines

November 27, 2013

Financial Analysis using Seep tool

March 13, 2014

Preparation of Effective Training Specialists


On Thursday 20 th February, Yemen Microfinance Network concluded the first training course for the year 2014 at itsmain premises. The training course was entitled “Preparation of Effective Training Specialists” and was conducted during the period17 th – 20 th February 2014.

This training course which is within the network strategy aims to build the internal training capacity of MFIs to play an active role in training staff of the MFIs. This training course aims also to establish and build effective training units for MFIs through rehabilitates a specialists able to implement professional and effective training courses in their MFIs.

The training course was attended by the following MFIs:
1 . Al-Amal Microfinance Bank.
2 . National Microfinance Foundation.
3 . Nama’a MF Program.
4 . Aden Microfinance Foundation.
5 . Hadhramout Microfinance Program.
6 . Union Microfinance Program.
7 . Yemen Microfinance Network.

It’s worth mentioning that this training course is considered as the beginning of the strategic and outstanding trainings that YMN is going to implement during the year 2014. One of these outstanding trainings will be held during 9 – 13 March 2014 as considered one of the most important training in the financial analysis.

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