Economic Empowerment Unit

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The Islamic Bank of Yemen was established in 1995 by the decree number 137 issued by the Minister of Supply and Trade with a capital of 1 Billion Rials.

The bank revised the Central Bank of Yemen license number 271 on the 9th of August 1995 to be the first bank to conduct Islamic financial activities.

The Bank was officially inaugurated in 8th June 1996 with a capital amounted 1 billion and 250 million YER with local and international investors . the capital was increased to its current amount 4 billion and 400 million with 22.5% as FDIs.



To contribute to the economic development through providing microfinance to the low income with small programs and projects in local and foreign partnerships.


To be the leading economic empowerment service provider to people in the Islamic world.
Strategic Goals

Strategic Goals

1. To reach 50000 beneficiaries (with 80% partners) by 2019
2. 20% of individual projects
3. 10% of target group from individual projects and unions
4. Balance between social and financial performance
5. Alleviation of poverty by 30%
6. Balance between the different types of financial products with Islamic nature
7. 60% women if target groups
8. Transactions with a value of 50 million USD by 2019
9. Profit margin of 30%