Injaz Capital

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Enjaz Capital Microfinance Islamic Bank, in order to address the unmet demand for financial
services, a consortium of reputable Yemeni and International investors with local and international
banking experience have taken the initiative to establish a modern, well capitalized Islamic microfinance
bank: Enjaz Capital. The main founding shareholders of Enjaz Capital are Al-Noaman Family, owners and
operators of Al-Noaman Currency Exchange Company (NCEC), SANAD, Venture Capital, Dr. Adnan Al Sada,
and Dr. Nageeb Al-Saidi.
Enjaz Capital will focus on the provision of accessible and adequate financing through the provision of
Sharia compliant loan products. Its loan book will grow in 5 years to almost 17,000 entrepreneurs. To its
depositors, Enjaz Capital offers access to convenient current accounts, savings accounts and term deposits
largely at no cost while offering attractive compensation. Enjaz Capital’s impact will be significant for
those micro and small enterprises that do not have ready access to adequate financial services.



To provide financial and non-financial services to support the development of small and micro enterprises
in Yemen and the Arab region by offering loans and training vouchers with the aim of increasing efficiency
and improving service levels.


To be a leader in providing focused financial and non-financial services to the owners of small and micro
enterprises, and to establish a widespread network to contribute in the economic development of Yemen
and the Arab region in general.


Excellence, Responsibility, Customer Satisfaction, Equality, Continuous Evolution, Respect, Honesty, and
Strategic Goals:

Strategic Goals:

Enjaz Capital will grow its loan book in 5 years to cover more than 17,000 entrepreneurs.